Moonlight Masquerade Ball

This year Anime North proudly introduces an event unlike any other. In the style of Masquerade Balls of Olde, The Moonlight Masquerade Ball invites you to an evening of dancing, revelry, and grandeur.

The Moonlight Masquerade Ball will open it's doors Saturday, 10pm, in the Mississauga Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel. The evening will start with a ballroom, English Renaissance, and Victorian dancing demos.

Guests will be invited to relax partake in contests, dancing, a chocolate fountain (accompanied by fruits and biscuits), dancing, suprises, dancing, and enchanting photos on our Moonlight Set. THEN masks off at midnight and hard core dancing, partying and rocking out until 2am!

Music for your Saturday Evening Masquerade Ball is brought to you by The Keith & Colonel Gary Show!

Tickets will be $10 and are available on the AN pre-registration page (Sold out) . Remember that only a limited amount can be pre-ordered. Also, some tickets will be available at the convention for *$12. Prepaid tickets will be picked up at the door. Tickets include access to the chocolate fountain and photo area. Professional framed photos can be purchased at the ball.

At the Ball there will be a costume contest, where everyone is asked to vote on a King and Queen of The Ball(best couple costume), a Prince(best male costume, and a Princess(best female costume). The King and Queen will recieve a $100 cash prize!

Beautiful masks are encouraged, as there will be a Best Mask contest with a $50 cash prize for First Place. For those who have no masks, you can pick up a complementary at the door, purchase a fancier one at the door, or join
us on Saturday before the ball for a mask making/decorating workshop. We encourage that handmade/self decorated masks enter for a chance at wonderful prizes!

Both the Costume and Mask contest are not subject to workmanship judging, but rather we are encouraging creativity and a little taste of something different!

Dress Code for the Moonlight Ball at Anime North

The Moonlight Ball has a dress code in effect that should be followed.

Costumes, semi-formal and formal wear are the appropriate attire for this event. Generally common sense should be used (i.e. would you feel comfortable in your outfit amongst people in dresses and suits, think of a semi-formal dance or prom). Classy costumes are _encouraged_, though it is just as acceptable to wear something formal.

Here are some general guidelines to consider when deciding what to wear for the ball:
1. No casual street clothing such as t-shirts and jeans, khakis or cargos. This also applies to costumes.
2. Smart-casual is fine (dress pants, blouses, etc.).
3. Footwear must be worn. No sneakers.
4. Outfits should be modest in regards with showing skin and pants should be worn at their appropriate height.
5. Please do not wear costumes that are obstructive to others (such as full mechs).
6. The outfit should be clean and look suitable for a formal dance.
7. Please do not bring any weapons or large props.

1. Costumes are welcome and encouraged so long as they do not look like street clothing and adhere to the rules outlined above. Costumes need not be anime- or video-game related, there are many other sources for formal-style costumes (for example, Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, or Harry Potter).

2. Semi-formal and formal wear is welcome. If you do not have a costume that would be appropriate, this is your chance to pull out that semi-formal or prom dress/suit that was only worn once!

3. Please be respectful to other Ball attendees in terms of fragrances, as many people have allergies. In general, please make an effort to be overall clean and presentable; this is a classy affair!


Costuming Panels

As always, Anime North will have a variety of fascinating panels for every skill level.