The Mechayard Wars Ultra

Returning once again our tribute to ingenuity, creativeness, recycling and the power of duct tape, this year with a special Ultra challenge! Sunday afternoon at the TCC 1pm to 3pm with an obligatory safety lecture at 12:30 . Rules to be posted later.

Mechayard Wars conforms to WHIMIS standards and is sponsored by members of the United Steel Workers of America local 1005.

The Mechayard Wars Rules:

Purpose, to construct with the materials provided a model mecha. after the build contestants will do a presentation explaining the builds purpose and capabilities.

All contestants must attend a mandatory safety lecture at 12:30 at the TCC where the Head Umpire and Safety Officer will go over the rules and any amendments there might be to them.

Participants may compete as either teams or individually. Teams will designate one member as the scrounger. Only that member is allowed to go to the junk pile. The scroungers will proceed to the junk pile in an orderly manner, no running or jostling. The first pick you will be allowed three items, after that whatever you can safely carry.

Tools and materials will be provided. These are for all to use and contestants will be required to share any tools or materials with other builders that they may not require at the moment.

You are allowed to bring your own tools, but this is at the Umpires discretion. Power tools, including battery packs are not allowed. The only power tools allowed are miniglue guns provided by Anime North. Welding and soldering equipment and any similar gear are also not allowed, as is superglue and contact cement, etc. If you do bring your
own tools, clear it with the Umpires first.

There will be a designated painting area this year. If contestants wish to paint their mecha, they must use only the material provided, under supervision in the designated area.

The build time will be approximately one hour at which time contestants will be asked to down tools. After the build, the judges will go to each build where the team will make it's presentation. After the Judges will retire to deliberate after which they will announce the results.

Contestants will follow the Umpires directions at all times. This is for their safety and that of the public. Failure to follow the Umpire's direction will result in the offender being asked to leave the contest. The Umpire has the final word in all matters and is the ultimate authority. Well we encourage spontaneity safety in the ultimate concern.

Finally, above all else, have fun, be creative and think outside the box! Apart from the safety rules the only limit is your imagination.