Lightning Round

Sunday 12-1PM

The Lightning Round is an intense showdown between contestants who have a mere hour to fabricate a costume out of the provided materials. Each group will have a model who will showcase the costume in the Cosplay Fashion Show, and will be judged against other Lightning Round entrants.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity! Unlike most costume competitions, the Lightning Round turns a blind eye when it comes to workmanship.

This is great for people who do not have a costume for Sunday or people looking for some great fun!

How It Works
1. An entry consists of 1-6 people. However there will only be one model per entry as the others help with construction.

2. Each group will have their designated area to work in and are responsible for the mess in their area.

3. Materials are available on a first come and first serve basis.

4. Construction materials such as tape, glue, scissors, etc. will be provided.

5. In the case of a dispute over materials, a moderator will intervene.

6. A maximum of two members of each group are allowed to be at the material bin at a time. Other members must stay in their designated areas.

7. After the hour has ended, all contestants are to stop immediately. The models will be led to the nearby Second Stage at the TCC.

8. The Lightning Round entries will be showcased first in the Cosplay Fashion Show and judged within their division.

9. Contestants must return the materials and supplies and clean up their area.

1. The models are expected to wear normal clothing for the base of their costume and to remove any props or accessories. The other members of the group can be in costume.

2. Contestants are to utilize the materials given and not bring their own.

3. The costume should adhere to the masquerade rules.

4. The moderators have the right to disqualify any contestants that are not behaving properly.

We are taking 10 pre-registered groups prior to Anime North. The deadline to send in your information is May 23rd 2006. We will also be taking sign ups at the convention. The number of entries depends on the size of the groups with the space we have available for the contest.

Leader Name:
Leader E-mail:
Number of people in group:
Full Names of group members:

Please e-mail with this information.

Costuming Panels

As always, Anime North will have a variety of fascinating panels for every skill level.