Once again the Imaginary Theatre Association returns to the convention that started it all – It has been ONE year to the date and the ITA has grown. The
Imaginary Theatre Association has the honor to be part of Anime North’s 10th year and for the second year in hosting RPGs. ITA’s game roster for this year will be:

Live Action Role-Playing - The Dark Region of Toronto

The Imaginary Theatre Association and Anime North is proud to host the Live Action Role Playing event which will reshape the Dark Region of Toronto -
forever. So come one, came all, be a part of the fun and join us May, Friday 26th.

As the light turns into darkness and the dark grows further into Horror of the night, can anyone find the light of hopefulness?

START TIME: Friday, May 26 to Saturday, May 27th (a full 24 hours)
REGISTRATION: Players can register their characters via e-mail:

Players who wish to play MUST first read The World of Darkness (White Wolf Edition 55000) main table top core rules, and as well read over and fill out the following URL:
Players can register their characters until May 24th 2006 and also at the convention on Friday, from 4 PM - 6 PM.

OTHER NOTES: Age requirement -17 years of age or older, exceptions can be given from the ITA staff at the convention or via e-mail – All exceptions will be final (sorry guys).