J-Rock North 2006 Canadian J-Rock/J-Pop Band Search
The concert will be held on May 28, 2006. Bands interested in auditioning must be available for that entire day. It's open to all Canadian Local bands who play J-Rock/J-Pop cover music. Original music inspired from J-Rock/J-Pop is also encouraged. Successful candidates with original J-Pop/J-Rock inspired music will have an opportunity to be involved in a TV documentary about Anime airing in the Fall 2006.

Audition is via demo packages only via snail mail. Do not e-mail mp3s. We want to see your stage presence.

Deadline for submissions: March 10, 2006

Submissions to:

Regina Simon
800 Knotty Pine Grove
Mississauga, Ontario
L5W 1K2

Band and Audition requirements:

1. Band must send a package to the mentioned address containing the band's resume, group shots (may be used for publication) and a demo reel in either DVD,VCD, or VHS. The demo reel must include 1 J-Pop/J-Rock cover song (and 1 original J-Pop/J-Rock inspired song if any) and a 60-second speil introducing the band members and why you should be chosen.

2. The band members in the demo reel should be the band members playing in the event.

3. You must have 1 tech crew available who will assist/liaison with the AV crew during the event re: equipment and any effects that your band may need during the event.

4. You must supply YOUR OWN INSTRUMENTS and PLAY YOUR OWN MUSIC. No karaoke CDs (please join J-Rock/J-Pop Idol for that).

5. You must be able to travel and transport your instruments to Toronto.

Direct questions to: talent@animenorth.com