J-rock North events

PSC Video flow

PS Company is a well known Japanese record company that represents a roster of talented musical artists. Some of these artists include: Miyavi, Kra, Gazette, and Alice 9. This panel will showcase various music videos from PSC artists, along with up to date information on their musical careers.

J Rock Cosplay 101

New to J rock cosplay or just want some pointers? This panel is for you. Our panel of enthusiasts will show you some of their tricks of the trade for your hair and make-up. As well as give you pointers and hands-on demonstrations on how to work with some of the more difficult materials used in the j-rock world.

Gothic Lolita Panel

So you want to be a Lolita, eh?
Do’s and don’ts? Are there really guidelines you have to follow on how to act just to wear clothing? Drawers? Cut … sew? And what the heck is a Moi-Meme-Moiter? Everything you need to know about this attention grabbing fashion style; from where to get the brands you want, to how to alter patterns to fit you and the style of clothing, this panel will cover it all.

Video flow

Attention “Senor, Senora, Senorita” you can’t “STAY AWAY” but you can stay “AWAKE” for the nighttime J Rock North Video flow. We’ll have it “All for You” so “Blaze Away” the night with us and “As time goes by” we will “Rock With You”, “Under the Moon “until “The Break of Dawn”.

See you there!

J Hip-hop Dance

Nip- Hop Park Dance Party!

An Anime North debut event! Calling all B-Boys and B-Girls…
Do you love J Hip–Hop and J R&B?

For those that may not know about J Hip-hop/ J R&B it is a relatively a new sound coming out of Japan  taking the western sound of Hip-hop and adding an innovative Japanese twist! Join us on Friday May 26th, 2006 in the Toronto Congress Centre at 7:00 P.M. for the first ever J Hip-Hop Dance Party at Anime North. DJ Akito from JP-Hip Radio and DJ O Mocha will be spinning the latest Hip–Hop and R&B tunes from Japan including artists like Home Made Kazoku, M-Flo, Namie Amuro, Rhymester and Rip Slyme!!

“Kocchi, kocchi ni kite, Enjoy the party!”