J-Idol is back--bigger and better than ever! For those con-goers that are interested in participating in the J-Idol contest, they should submit their application to AN.jidol@gmail.com with the following information.

Applications must include:

1) Your name, or a stage name in which you would like to be recognized as

2 ) Lyrics must be memorized

3) Songs must be in Japanese

4) The mp3 of the song must be attached to your application

5) The category in which you would like to enter (i.e. either J-pop or

PS: If a costume, dance, or any thing that will make your performance more unique and visually appealing, bonus points will be given.

PSS: If possible, it would be best that you send us a karaoke version of the song you would like to sing, but if you are unable to find a karaoke version of the song, simply send us the song in mp3 format and we will create a karaoke version for you.

NOTE: After sending in your application, please continue to check your email. When we finish making a clip of your song for the preliminary round, which will be approximately 1 minute long, so about 1 verse and 1 round of chorus, we will send the clip back to you and you will be able to practice with it. Again, the final round the entire song will be sung, so it would be best to be able to sing the entire song, so that if you are chosen to be a finalist, you will be prepared.

2 grand prizes will be awarded: 1 for J-Pop Idol and 1 for J-Rock Idol AN06. In addtion, there will be 2 secondary prizes allocated to "Best costume" and "Best Dance/Overall Performance" ß this is the "it/unique" factor and the
ability to captivate the audience that we are looking for. Format for the contest will be similar to previous year;, the contest will take place in 2 days. Saturday will be for the preliminary round, and Sunday will be for the final round.

Hope to see you there!

J-Star Preliminaries

Do you have what it takes to become the next Anime North J-Star?

Calling all Singers:

The J-Star auditions are now closed, all contestants who are chosen will be contacted in mid-April by JRock North staff.

FAQ can be found HERE ^_^

More information to follow

Good Luck! ^_^

AN JRock Events Coordinator