Anime North and Hotmail

Many people with Hotmail accounts have been having problem with their emails bouncing when they try to contact accounts. As many of you are currently aware, the spam/virus situation on the Internet is getting worse each and every day. Because of this, ISP and organizational e-mail servers are forced to be more and more aggressive in blocking atypical e-mail messages.

Microsoft has effectively allowed Hotmail to be hijacked by spammers, with automated scripts that create new accounts and forward spam. Because of this hijacking, the e-mail servers receive literally hundreds of thousands of fraudulant spam messages from hotmail each and every day. Unlike the other free web-based e-mail servers, Microsoft has continued to refused to fix the problem. Attempted fixes to this problem on our end that block the mountains of spam while letting the legitimate emails through have not been effective. As a result, inquiries from Hotmail accounts will almost certainly end up bouncing.

If you need an alternative free web-based e-mail account (other than Hotmail) to e-mail a Anime North address, please use Google GMail or Yahoo Mail.

Contacting Registration

Please note that while Anime North can continue to send email to Hotmail addresses (such as registration confirmations), simply replying to these messages if you have any questions will lead to your message bouncing.

Registration has set-up a new yahoo account address. If you are using a Hotmail account, or have had any other problems contacting registration, please try using this address: