Programming Guests

Kathryn Williams

Kat has been around Anime North since 99 when she was showcasing her self-published manga "A Shadowlander's Dream". Soon after she was requested to designed the first AN t-shirts and buttons. She has been travelling around spreading the word of Shoujo-ai for the past several years. Helping out with Yuricon for a time and has been a guest at numerous conventions since. Two years ago she stepped down from conventions and drawing moving from manga to writing novels. Since then she has written two full length novels and working on 3 more. In 2005 her life took another turn when she got married to her lovely wife and business partner, Kim. Together they have returned to the con scene and have doubling their effort to get the word out about lesbianism in lit and anime with the creation of Shoujo-ai Canada. You can read all about their mission at