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Vocals: Turbo, Guitar: Red, Bass: John and Drums: Shin

Formed in 2003, Lamia is a unique combination of raw talent, diverse musical backgrounds, and an unyielding passion for music from each and every member. The purpose of this Toronto-based group is to spread the influence of Asian rock music, and to dispel any obscurity or false notions that one may have towards it.

Although Lamia hails J-Rock as their most prominent musical influence, J-Rock is only a fraction of their musical abilities. Ranging from slow and sensual ballads, to angst-driven hard rock, to border-lining pop-rock tunes, and even in the experimental regions of Latin-jazz and industrial, Lamia covers a wide array of music styles, and aren't afraid to delve deeper into their creative side. The end result is an unpredictable musical unit that is certainly worth the attention of any musical listener.

The band consists of five innovative, adept, and hard-core musicians; all of their own right. Each member brings their distinct style that contributes to their multi-faceted musical arrangements. Despite being capable musicians on
their own, all members are quick to credit one another for the strength and following of the band.

The future of Lamia is always upwards and onward, as they are constantly evolving into unfamiliar musical territory through their original compositions. Who knows what will be next?