Anime Gusto's Geico 2006 Skit Challenge

3:00 pm
Sunday , May, 28th 2006
(After presenters of Mechayard wars)

Second Stage at the TCC
After the Fashion Show

What is allowed:
Anything in costume! Cosplay/Gothic Lolita/Original Characters.

How it will work:
Simple skit to the Geico Car Insurance commercial. Skit can be anything really. But must contain the "I have really good news", (whatever response), "No, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico." Response from other person then END.

So each skit should only be about 2 or 3 minutes. It will be based on creativity, hilarity, shock value and making sure it works with the characters.

Chii walks up to talk to Frea and says: Chii has good news"
Frea looks at her and says: "Have you finally made your choice? Do you now know what to do?"
Chii looks puzzled: "No. Chii just saved a lot of money on Hideki's car insurance by switching to Geico"
Frea does not understand or whatever is good. The end.

This will be announced. Each contestant will be announced and if you wish by name, costume, etc.

Who is this good for:
People who have numerous costumes and want to enter another contest with another costume. People who wish to do a simple skit and one they do not have to think up. People that know they can make the Geico skit work perfectly with their group. People looking for something to do on Sunday.

How to sign up:
Fill out the form below (cut and paste into your email program) and email it the address at the bottom of the page.

Group Leader Name:
Contact Email:
Street Address, City, Province, Postal Code:

Full Name(s) and Age(s) of All Entrants:

Costume Title:

Costume Source (choose ONE):

Name of Source Show/Book/Game/Other:


Designer(s) and/or Maker(s):

Additional Info for M/C:

Brief Description of Costume and Presentation (under 100 words and optional):

Email to :


Costuming Panels

As always, Anime North will have a variety of fascinating panels for every skill level.