Gaming this year brings back some of the big events from last year and adds a whole lot more this year!


3 Day Street Fighter/SNK Challenge (PS2 - We're looking to evolve the event; can say for sure Third Strike and Capcom vs. SNK 2 will be two of the games and I'm trying to get KOF 2002/2003 as the third game)

Super Smash Bros. Open Tourney (GC, not the King of Gaming but a separate one at the Doubletree Hotel, open to all congoers)

We Love Katamari (PS2)

Tekken 5 Tourney (PS2)

Free Gaming area at the Doubletree Hotel for congoers to bring consoles systems and portable systems to hold friendly tourneys.

Live RPGs

Tabletop RPGs (Big Eyes, Small Mouth system)

Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG tourneys


Gundam War CCG Tourney

Digimon CCG tourney

Pokemon CCG tourney

DDR Booth

The King of Gaming 2006 Tourney

NOTE: All gaming will be BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) friendly. We will also do the bag check at some areas, so you can freely go around and enjoy your gaming time.  Also, all the above tourneys, and others noted at the message board, will have prizes for top players from figurines to soundtracks!  All are free to enter with your Anime North membership).


1.All games tourneys will be best of one knockout rounds UNLESS the tourney runner decides otherwise. This is to keep within our time slots and so the staff/volunteers can run things more smoothly when Gaming heads are elsewhere.

2. For the Street Fighter/SNK Challenge and Tekken 5 Tourney, submissions of the character/team you'll use must be submitted as you sign up.

3. Tourneys will cap at 32 players so first come, first get to play. We'll take 1-2 subs in case someone drops off.

4. Time will be allowed for BYOC swap time and configuration. You will be given a warning and then elimination for:

  • lewd, rude conduct as outlined in the general convention rules
  • not using your pre-selected character/team
  • cheating or any conduct deemed unfair by gaming heads or staff

5. Have fun as we'll have many prizes in store!


One Piece CCG Tourney

Naruto CCG Tourney

Pokethulu Games

Mario Kart: Double Dash tourney (GC)

Magic the Gathering CCG Tourneys

Car Wars Board Game tourney

Settlers of Catan Board Game tourney

Steve Jackson Game demos

More Board Games to come!

Naruto Video Game Tourney

Stepmania Booth

Para Para Panel

All Night Gaming: Puyo Puyo Fever 2 (PS2), Rumble Roses XX (X-Box 360)
(But for all night, we WELCOME gamers to bring systems, games and controllers to play all night!)


At the Thursday Night Pre-Reg Check – In we’ll have Karaoke Revolution (all US versions for the PS2 in the Main Foyer of the Doubletree)

Please note that all events are subject to change.