The Doubletree International Plaza hotel policy
The Doubletree International Plaza hotel, site of the programming events and main hotel of Anime North, has asked us to make our attendees aware of their new policy for 2006:

Dear Anime Guest;

To help ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, we will be posting security at the elevators and fire stairwells so that only those guests registered in guestrooms will be allowed access to the guestroom floors. Each individual person will need to show your door key (swipe card) to security before you are allowed to board the elevator. Anyone not registered in a room and without a door key will not be allowed to proceed to the guestroom area.

We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause those who wish to visit friends in their rooms. Visitation will only be allowed in public areas.

What does this mean for those who come to Anime North?
The hotel only provides key cards for people who are registered in each hotel room. According to hotel policy and fire codes, you canít register more than four people in one room and wonít be given more than four keys for any room. Donít count on being able to ask for replacement keys no questions asked, front desk staff know to be suspicious because of the policy.

With hotel security screening those who want to go upstairs in the hotel to make sure they are registered with the hotel and have keys to prove it, it will be all but impossible for anyone to have extra people sharing their room without the hotelís knowledge.

We realize this seems harsh and may upset those who hoped to save money by sharing their room with as many people as possible, but there was a serious problem with crowding and garbage in many rooms that had far more than four guests last year, causing major headaches for housekeeping and extra expenses that the con ended up paying for. There were also issues with dangerous overcrowding on elevators and in stairwells. The hotel and the con staff are both dedicated to finding a policy that is fairest to all congoers and the guests who pay to stay in the guest rooms without punishing them for the rule breaking of others that cause the problems and the hotel is determined to enforce this policy.

Because of the change, our Con Suite, the Tea House of the Maple Moon, will be in the Terrace Room on the first floor this year so all congoers will still be able to enjoy it whether they are hotel guests or not.

The policy does not prevent those who are registered guests visiting in other hotel rooms once they are upstairs, but people who are only coming to the con for one day or staying somewhere other than the Doubletree will not be able to go upstairs for any reason. This may cause problems for those who were hoping to host room parties.

If you were planning a room party, you may want to consider taking a room in one of the conventionís other hotels where there is, at this point in time, no restriction on access to rooms. If you want to promote another fan-run event, or a growing area of fandom, you can also submit a proposal to Programming to hold your party in official space, if it follows certain rules: must be age appropriate (NO alcohol, NO hentai, unless in the hentai track), itís open to everyone who has an Anime North membership and it adds something new that isnít already part of ANís schedule, like Yaoi or Jrock/Pop.

It always amazes us how peaceful and well behaved the crowds at Anime North are, despite their size and we hope everyone will be able to adapt to the new policy and continue to enjoy the convention.

The Organizing Committee of Anime North