Cosplay Battle Chess

Chess Pieces, take your places!

Welcome to the first (that we know of) Cosplay Battle Chess of Anime North! Watch as the board game of wits and strategy comes to life, as the sides of dark and light battle it out! Of course, this is all for fun, so it really doesn't matter who wins!...or does it?

The name of the game is FUN. Will you, the audience, get to see the famous Uchiha Sasuke duke it out against another Uchiha Sasuke? Will Marvin from THGTG be able to take on Darth Vader, and win? What will happen when pretty bishi-boy Kuja finally makes his way onto the board, only to find that Cloud Strife is hot on his trail, and looking to chop him down to size? Will Haruno Sakura be able to resist the charms of not only one Uchiha, but three? Uh oh, looks like there is going to be some massive Sharigan action going on, and everyone is going to get caught up in it! Don't forget those awesome pawns who will be sacrificed in order to make things even more amusing. And everyone is in for a treat, as an old school favorite makes its way around the board, with antics that we hope will leave everyone in stitches ^.^

Indeed, we hope to make this first time AN event a good one, and hope that both participants and audience will help us make it memorable for all. Until the convention and the game, I hope you all have a good time thinking up ways the two sides could battle it out!

~Cosplay Battle Chess GameMasters.


When: Saturday, May 27th
Where: TCC, Stage Area
1:00 - 2:00pm - setup time.

Most likely will be answering questions to players and pieces, and going over the rules.

2:00 - 4:00pm - game time.

Due to time restraints, we will be trying to have the game done before 4pm.


  A A A A B B B B  
Position Rook Knight Bishop Queen King Bishop Knight Rook Position
Cosplay Aburame
Uchiha Itachi/
Naga Kuja Rurouni
Pawn Darth Vader Chii/Fraya Trunks Tseng Vincent
Edward Eric Yourichi/Soma Yuffie Pawn
Pawn Yukari Marvin Duo Maxwell Izayoi Inutaisho Garnet/Dagger Lina Linverse ^.^ Pawn
Cosplay Kyuzo Cloud Strife Haruno Sakura Aoi Van Fanel Edward Eric Uchiha Sasuke Seishiro
Position Rook Knight Bishop Queen King Bishop Knight Rook Position
  A A A A B B B B  

Dark Side
ROOK (Naruto)Aburame Shino - Keyblade Outlaw
KNIGHT (Naruto)Uchiha Sasuke - TheWestWind
BISHOP (Naruto/Tales of Phantasia) Uchiha Itachi/Klarth - Yami Rurouni
QUEEN (Slayers) Naga the White Serpent - flash1616
KING (FFIX/9) Kuja - Fire Of Dawn
BISHOP (Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X) Rurouni Kenshin - Yami Rurounis Friend
KNIGHT (Suikoden Tactics/Suikoden 4) Ted-Lazlo/Yohnl - Kaluin
ROOK (Naruto/Tales of Phantasia) Inuzuka Kiba/Cless - Shockro

PAWN (Star Wars) Darth Vader - Chef_Belegfea
PAWN (Chobits) Chii/Fraya - miss_clyne
PAWN (Dragon Ball Z) Trunks - Tenshi Musouka
PAWN (FFVII/7) Tseng - HidoshiNobunaga
PAWN (FFVII/7) Vincent Valentine - Zero_1369
PAWN (Full Metal Alchemist) Edward Eric - Fluffed_Kittens Friend (switched with fourthmage)
PAWN (Bleach/Tsubasa) Yourichi/Soma - Moonchild Suki
PAWN (FFVII-Kingdom Hearts version) Yuffie - Pompeii

Light Side
ROOK (Samurai 7) Kyuzo - Edgar Strife
(FFVII/7) Cloud Strife - cloud 2880
(Naruto) Haruno Sakura - Alexia Ishtar
(Ai Yori Aoshi) Aoi - Lady Sodinas Friend
(A Girl in Gaea - Escaflowne Movie) Van Fanel - Natalie_bedell
(Full Metal Alchemist) Edward Eric - Angathol
(Naruto) Uchiha Sasuke - Alexia Ishtars Friend
(X TV series) Seishiro Sakurazuka - Stygian Inquirer

PAWN (Paradise Kiss) Yukari - Lady_Sodina
(The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) Marvin - Jennifer (switched with Brita Lee)
(Gundam Wing) Duo Maxwell - maxy_maxwell
(InuYasha) Izayoi - Jeanwrap
(InuYasha) Inutaisho - Fluffed_Kitten
(Slayers) Lina Linverse - Brita Lee (switched with Jennifer)
PAWN (^.^) ^.^ - fourthmage (switched with Fluffed_Kittens Friend)

Costuming Panels

As always, Anime North will have a variety of fascinating panels for every skill level.