We have many people who contribute to Anime North. Listed here are the numerous contacts who can help you find what you need.

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Position Name(s) E-Mail
General Inquiries Ben Bowring infoanimenorth.com
Registration David Simmons registrationanimenorth.com
Executive Director / Con Chair Irwin Tan conchairanimenorth.com
Liaison Department Tamara MacDonald
Programming Eileen McEvoy programminganimenorth.com
Pro Performing Talent Regina Simon talentanimenorth.com
Art Room & Exhibits Sandi Campney artanimenorth.com
Artist Alley Jessica Simon alleyanimenorth.com
Operations Donald Simmons opsanimenorth.com
Volunteering Ajay Bhushan volunteersanimenorth.com
Charity Auction Nancy Bruce charityanimenorth.com
Media/Press For television, newspapers, radio and other press related inquiries. See below for video contest mediaanimenorth.com
Masquerade Dawn McKechnie masqueradeanimenorth.com
Skit Contest Kevin Brewer skitcontestanimenorth.com
Dealer's Room Etuska Varga dealersanimenorth.com
Japanese Guest Relations Keith and Asaka Dawe jguestsanimenorth.com
North American Guest Relations Tamara MacDonald guestsanimenorth.com
Mobility Access Carla Isajenko accessanimenorth.com
Corporate Information Tamara MacDonald corporateanimenorth.com
Program Book Advertising Michael Simbajon advertisinganimenorth.com
Marketing Dany Shehab marketinganimenorth.com
Webmasters Tom Smith webmasteranimenorth.com
Special Operations Todd Spencley securityanimenorth.com
First Aid Louis-Philippe (Pip) Lachaine firstaidanimenorth.com
Publications & Flyers Ian Stuart photoanimenorth.com
Anime Name That Tune Chris McKenna tuneanimenorth.com
Anime Music Video Contest For questions about the Anime Music Video (AMV) contest only videoanimenorth.com
Red & White Show Coordinator John Martin redandwhiteanimenorth.com
Martial Arts Coordinator Steve Trombley senseianimenorth.com