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Cosplay Conga Line

The Cosplay Conga Line will be running for its third year in a row!!!
What is it exactly? Well, lots of cosplayers in a conga line doing the conga. Yea, that's pretty much the basics. Also, we'll make sure to have our transportable music playing with us. We'll decorate our cosplayers with flower necklaces and bracelets too!

We hope to have a long line of cosplayers! Who knows, maybe even set a record for the longest cosplaying conga line in an anime convention? If you don't have a cosplay set for Anime North then you can still join! Cosplaying is not 110% mandatory.

WHEN & WHERE?: AN's Saturday, at 1pm. We will meet at the FAR back of the Doubletree Hotel where the masquerade registration was last year. A large sign will be made to make finding the spot a little easier. The
Conga line will start at the Doubletree Hotel, and end at the TCC. So come out to conga, make a scene, and have fun ^_^

Any song suggestions, please send to Christinagayle @
(without spaces) !!!