Anime North Artist Alley 2006


Artists are reminded to read the information provided below THOROUGHLY and to follow instructions correctly.  Artists are also reminded to keep a copy of the Artist Alley Policy for themselves for future reference.

-Alley_policy_2006.pdf -

Powerdrop requests must be brought to the attention of the alley coordinator to acquire the proper forms to submit to the TCC. We remind you to keep up with the forums as updates will be posted there in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to e-mail any concerns, problems or questions to

I. What is Artist Alley?

Artist Alley will be for artists, modelers, small publishers, clubs and other individuals or small organizations who wish to sell pre-drawn art, create new art, take commissions, advertise their services, or display their works. It is open to all artists from amateurs to studios and professionals.

II. Location

Artist Alley will be located next to the Dealers Room in the Toronto Congress Centre. Access will be from the main convention area.

III. What you need to know:

Part A: Artist Alley Space for Solo artists

Arist Alley Space
1x Alley Space

CAD $15 / USD $10
Before April 7th, 2006

CAD $20 / USD $15
After April 7th, 2006

Artist Alley Table
2x Alley Space

CAD $25 / USD $20
Before April 7th, 2006

CAD $30 / USD $25
After April 7th, 2006

Each space in the Artist Alley is one half, (2’ x 3’), of a 2' x 6' table, and is CAN$15 (USD$10) if reserved before April 07th, 2006. If reservations are made on April 08th, 2006 or later, the cost becomes CAN$20 (USD$15). Each alley space does not include a con membership.

An Alley space only includes a chair and a cloth cover (to be shared with other table occupant), for the duration of the convention.

Up to one additional Alley Space may be purchased for CAN$10 (USD$5) and does NOT include membership to the con, nor an extra chair. Each artist must be registered individually for their own alley space(s), even if they wish to be seated together. The registration form includes instructions for pairs or groups.

There will be NO provision for electricity from Anime North. Exhibitors requiring electricity MUST contact the Toronto Congress Centre directly, as this is an entirely separate fee. Anime North makes no guarantee of availability of electricity.

Part B: Artist Alley Space for Art groups

First of all, Art groups may only reserve a half space per person, CAN$15 (USD$10).  If an art group wishes to have a full table, two people are required to reserve separately (x2 spaces = CAN$30 (USD$25)) and the Coordinator will arrange the spaces to be placed together to form the full table.

Art group spaces can be registered with 3 members for space (maximum 6 artists per table). Only one member can stay in the space at all times. Each art group is required to submit a list of names belonging to the group (maximum 3 members per space). All members of the Art Group must have pre-registration confirmations or members of that art group who have no pre-registration confirmations will not be approved.

The artist alley badge will be registered under the Art group’s name. Only members wearing the artist alley badge are allowed to sit behind the table. Failure to comply with this rule may result the loss of the artist alley space.

All members of the Art Group must sign in at the Main Alley table to receive their Anime North badges. The member of your art group that will be stationed at the table must surrender his/her Anime North con badge to the Alley Coordinator in exchange for the Art Group’s Artist Alley Badge before he/she sits at their table. Art Group members not stationed in the alley space for their shift must wear their Anime North Badge.

If another member of your art group wants to switch places with the current member at the table, they must first surrender their con badge with the Alley coordinator before taking the group's alley badge from the current member sitting at the table. That current member can then retrieve their con badge from the Alley coordinator.

No replacement badges will be issued.

Note: Each Art Group is required to hand in a written/signed approval to the Artist Alley Coordinator during sign in that lists its members and allows the Art Group to sell and represent each individual members’ art in the Alley.  Failure to hand in this written and signed consent will result to the loss of the alley space or table for the art group.

IV. Reserving a Space in Artist Alley


Please be sure that you are already pre-registered with Anime North as alley spaces do NOT include membership to the convention. 

You may pre-register for the convention on-line, or print out and mail in a registration form. Please note that it will take 3-5 days to process an on-line registration, and usually 2 weeks to process a mailed registration and provide you with email confirmation. Please DO NOT email registration asking about your confirmation until this amount of time has passed.

Once you have that done, contact the Artist Alley Coordinator ( with the subject line “Artist Alley Reservation [insert your name here]” to verify that space is still available.

This message should include your name, name of group or studio represented (if any), a copy of your pre-registration confirmation email, or any other relevant details regarding your space, like a friend you wish you be seated with or special requests.  Please note that failure to include your pre-registration confirmation will result to the denial of an artist alley space reservation.  If space is available, the Alley Coordinator will then confirm your reservation. All space will be assigned at the discretion of the Artist Alley Coordinator.

Please allow the coordinator 48 hours to respond to your e-mails. HAVE PATIENCE.  The Alley Coordinator will e-mail you the registration form.  ONLY THE COORDINATOR MAY SUPPLY YOU WITH A COPY OF THE REGISTRATION FORM ALONG WITH YOUR CONFIRMATION.  If you mail a registration form without a confirmation from the alley coordinator, it will not be accepted.

Reserved space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you have received confirmation from the Artist Alley Coordinator, mail your cheque or money order (payable to "Anime North") along with your registration form to:

Anime North Artist Alley
800 Knotty Pine Grove
Mississauga, Ontario, L5W 1K2

If cheque or money order is not made out to “Anime North” IT WILL NOT BE VALID.

Cash will NOT be accepted through the mail. Do NOT send cash in the mail. Any non-sufficient fund (NSF) cheques will be subject to a $20 fee. WE MUST RECEIVE YOUR CHEQUE OR MONEY ORDER WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS or your alley space reservation will be released for rental to another artist.

Pre-registration for the alley closes on Friday, May 05 2006 or until all spaces are filled. After this time, all remaining alley spaces (if any) will be made available on a first-come first-served basis at the alley registration desk on the first day of the convention.

Remember, badges must be worn at all times and may not be sold, loaned, or otherwise
transferred. If you wish to purchase additional memberships to the convention, refer to our registration web page ( for the current membership rates and contact information.

V. Artist Alley Hours (subject to change):

Registration time: Friday, May 26, 2006: 3pm - 5pm. Please advise the Artist Alley Coordinator if you will be unable to register during this time; no-shows may have their space reassigned to an exhibitor on the wait list.

Open access to convention attendees:

Friday May 26, 2006

5pm - 10pm

Saturday May 27, 2006

10 am - 10pm

Sunday May 28, 2006

10am - 5pm

VI. Sale and Display of Merchandise

Artists may sell and create their art and merchandise in the artist alley, so long as the content of their table does not include the sale of copyrighted art converted to other merchandise, such as buttons, T-shirts, or prints.

We allow the sale of handmade merchandise, including (but not limited to), cosplay items, jewelry, and dolls as long they are not currently licensed for production or are not replicas of currently licensed items.

For instance, you could not sell replicas of Yuna’s (from Final Fantasy X-2) hair beads, since this item is already being officially licensed by Square-Enix. It is your responsibility to discover if the item in question is licensed or not.

Exhibitors may set up their reserved space as they see fit as long as it does not interfere with the areas of other artists or violate any Anime North OR TCC regulations. The space is limited to the area provided:

NO overhanging displays into other Exhibitors' space, doorways, corridors, or otherwise will be allowed.

Exhibitors may NOT display material depicting nudity or sexual conduct unless it is covered or displayed in such a way that minors cannot view such explicit material. Adult material must not be accessible to minors in any way. No adult material may be sold, given, or distributed to any minor. The acceptability of displays of adult material is at the sole discretion of the Artist Alley Coordinator.

The resale of food, used goods or retail items, (like pocky, art books or plushies), are not allowed. If you wish to do this, please consider purchasing a Dealer’s Table. Please note that you may be fined by the TCC if you are caught selling food outside of the dealer’s room.

Selling art and merchandise for a friend is permitted only if a written consent by the other artist is handed in to the Artist Alley Coordinator during sign in.

All participants MUST obey convention policies and rules. Blocking hallways, aisles and fire exits will not be tolerated. Any behavior that disrupts the convention or the premises, or is considered damaging to individuals, property or the reputation of the convention will result in the loss of Artist Alley privileges, loss of membership and expulsion from the convention. If you have any concerns during the convention, please bring them to the attention of the Artist Alley Coordinator. Failure to follow these rules may result in loss of Art Show and Artists Alley space without refunds.