Where is the Mobility Access desk?

The Desk at the TCC is behind registration.  At the Double Tree it will be in the lobby by the lift that lead to the ballroom.

How do I find washrooms, elevator, and so on?

All washrooms, elevators, ramps are clearly marked with sign age.  Only two washrooms at the Double Tree are easy for wheelchairs and scooter to get in and out. Please ask Access Staff they will help you.  Attendees wishing to use the lift for the second floor to the ballroom need a code.  You can obtain the code from the Access desk (or special opps if after hours) by the lift.  Need help getting back and fore from TCC and Hotel.  There will be Access staff to help you.   

What about lineups and seating?

It is Anime North policy to have reserved seating for the mobility‑impaired attendees at all major events (such as opening and closing ceremonies, the masquerade, music videos, etc.) for anyone with mobility access badges or buttons to be escorted by security to the front of lineups.  Simply make yourself known to the security or room staff and the will show you in or direct you to your seat.  For major or crowed events, such as autographs lines, dealers’ rooms and so on will have a five minute period to enter the events before they start for everyone.  So that mobility Access attendees can get through the events without the crowds. 

Access Desk hours

Fri 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
(Hours may change and will posted at the Access Desk.)



All attendees requiring Mobility Access are entitled to certain PRIVILEGES to better accommodate them.

‑ Full access to ramps, elevators, accessible seating and lineup assistance.

‑ Mobility Access attendees can ask for help from the Access Desk anytime during hours of operation list below.

‑ All attendees requiring mobility access services are provided with a button to pin on their con badge.  This is for all staff and volunteers to know you need Mobility Access.

 ‑ If at anytime, you are having a difficult time with any staff, or a volunteer please inform the Access Staff and we will assist you in resolving this.

All of us here at Anime North, do hope you have a wonderful time.